Painting Leopards.

Scroll down through the gallery of paintings. I hope you enjoy them. here you will find original paintings of Leopards, original paintings of Snow leopards and original paintings of Cheetah. You can purchase originals or prints from the buttons to the right of the paintings. Detailed information about types of print can be found on the 'Fine Art Prints' page. if you would like to discuss the availability of any of these works please contact me by clicking here.

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It's always exciting to see leopards in the wild. I have been blessed with many leopard sightings in southern and central Africa as well as in Nepal. They are a highlight of any safari for me and a favourite subject for painting. Leopard research pictures below taken in Zimbabwe and Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania.

Note: I am not a hunter. The rifle is carried on walking safari's only for emergency use, and fortunately has never had to be used.

 Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe. prime leopard territory. Wildlife Artist Eric Wilson conducts research on leopards in the area.
 Leopard research in Ngorongoro crater with wildlife artist Eric Wilson. Research work for leopard paintings.

                                                       Gallery of Leopard Paintings


'Ghost'       Pastel.  100cm across                                    Original SOLD.

Black Panther. Oil. 40 x 30 CM


Original SOLD

 Snow Leopard.  Pastel Painting. Original SOLD.

Snow Leopard.  Pastel Painting. Original SOLD.


African Leopard in a tree.


Pastel Painting.


 Bhagya. Indian leopard. Pastel painting of an Indian Leopard named Bhagya by wildlife artist Eric Wilson, famous for his paintings of big cats.
 painting of a leopard. Big cat picture

'African Leopard'

  • Leopard painting in Pastel
  • 15 by 25 inches
  • Original sold

This painting was done as a demonstration piece at the Nature in Art Museum in Gloucester. It is completely from my imagination, although I have seen many leopards relaxing in this manner in the Serengeti.

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Original Leopard Painting.



12 x 10 inches

Original Sold.

Bhagya is a very special Leopard. he was orphaned as a cub and hand raised with great care by my friend Angie Schumacher. I visited him In Nepal where I sketched this portrait. Bhagya could not remain in Nepal however and now resides in Wuppertal Zoo, Germany.

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 painting of a eopard in Africa


Original Leopard Painting.

'South African Leopard'

  • Oil on board
  • 20 x 29 inches
  • Original Sold


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 Painting of snow leopards.

Painting of Snow Leopards

'Snow Leopards'

  • Oil on canvas
  • 14 x 18 inches
  • Original Sold

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 painting of a cheetah in oil paint. oil on masonite. artist Eric Wilson. Fine art giclee prints for sale.

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'The Scent of Lions'  Cheetah with Kill.

Oil on Masonite

20 x 40 inches.    Original Sold.

 Painting of a leopard by wildlife artist Eric Wilson. Leopard pics, leopard paintings

Ruckomechi Leopard. Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 48 inches. Original Sold.

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 ildlife art painting of Persian leopard by wildlife artist Eric Wilson.

'Persian Leopard Portrait'

  • Oil on Canvas
  • 14 x 10 inches
  • Original Sold

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