Painting the rainforests of Asia.

Khao Sok, Thailand. Tropical rainforest home to the clouded leopard, the last remaining Asiatic Tigers and the iconic Great Hornbill.
Tree House, Khao Sok Rainforest, Thailand. Tigers roam these forests, along with the clouded leopard and the Great Hornbill. Wildlife Artist Eric Wilson stayed in this tree house in the jungle to observe the wildlife.
Wildlife Expert Eric Wilson in the rainforests of Thailand searching for clouded leopards, Tigers and great Hornbills.
Sumatran Tigers and Clouded leopards live in these mighty rainforests of Thailand. Wildlife Artist Eric Wilson who paints tigers, Leopards and tropical birds, enjoyed staying here to gather reference for his wildlife paintings.

The mighty Khao Sok Rainforest in Thailand was where I chose to research the rich variety of wildlife to be found in jungles of Asia. These forests are home to Sumatran Tigers, the Clouded Leopard and of course, the iconic Great Hornbill. I lived in the tree house shown above, which all sounds like paradise, until you consider the numerous large and intimidating insects that chose to stay with me. I even had an entire nest of green ants migrating back and forth across my bed! The rainforest itself however, was breathtakingly beautiful. The painting below was of an area about 20 meters from my tree house. It was early morning and already incredibly hot. The sun was rising behind the limestone cliffs and the moment I saw it I knew it was a scene I would paint.

                                                                  Painting of Great Hornbills at Khao Sok, Thailand.

Great Hornbills at Khao Sok, Thailand. Pastel painting 40 inches across. Original and prints available. 

Pastel Painting 40 inches across. This is my largest pastel painting to date. Original Tropical Bird Painting for sale. Please contact me for details.

River trip by canoe in Khao Sok Rainforest. Original rainforest painting for sale. Painting of Great Hornbills for sale. Tropical Bird painting.