British Wildlife Art.

Scroll down through the gallery of British wildlife paintings. I hope you enjoy them. You can purchase originals or prints from the buttons to the right of the paintings. I am perhaps more well known for my lion and tiger paintings, but I love to do paintings of British Wildlife and my stag paintings are very popular. If you would like an original Stag painting it might be worth contacting me to discuss a commission. I visit the Scottish Highlands regularly and have a good knowledge of red deer and their habitats there.

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My family are all Scots, and I spent my formative years in Scotland roaming the forests and Glens of the Highlands and exploring the Islands. It is where my love for nature began. In the pictures below I am 10 years old, sailing around the Scottish Islands with my father, My Uncle Dennis and Dr. Kitchen. It is a time I look back on with great joy. I was truly happy out there surrounded by such beauty and today, whenever I visit the Highlands I feel exactly the same way. It is you might say, my spiritual home. The family are sadly all gone now, but my cherished memories remain.

Sailing holiday in the highlands. picture of Eric Wilson wildlife artist in Loch Sunart, Scotland.
British wildlife painter Eric Wilson.
painter of british wildlife Eric Wilson seen here in Tobermory, Scotland onboard a ketch.
Painter of British Wildlife Eric Wilson on Loch Sunart, Strontian, Scotland.
Glen Affric, Scotland. One of the most beautiful and unspoilt places in the Scottish Highlands.

                                                                 Gallery Of British Wildlife Paintings.


Lanner Falcon in Oils. 16 x 10 inches.


Pastel painting of a Scottish Wildcat. 13 x 19 inches. SOLD.

Pastel Painting of a Scottish Wildcat. 13 x 19 inches. SOLD.

scottish Landscape Painting. The Art of Eric Wilson. A stag in Glen Affric, Scotland. Wildlife Painting. British Wildlife - Red Deer. Painting of a stag.

Reflections Of Winter - Glen Affric  Oil on board 20 by 40 inches. Original Sold.

Glen Affric is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt places in the Scottish Highlands. I love to go there, especially in winter where the deep snow can bring a profound silence and such a feeling of solitude and inner quietness that it lifts my spirits rejuvenates my creativity. It is like a tonic to me, and I hope that my painting conveys  the feeling of inner peace that I always experience there.

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Loch Sunart Stag - original scottish landscape painting by wildlife artist Eric Wilson. Oil painting of Red Deer.

Stag at Loch Sunart.  Oil on Board. 20 by 40 inches. Original Sold.

Loch Sunart will always hold a special place in my heart. I first sailed into this sea loch with my father when I was 10 years old and I have loved it ever since. My father Glenville Frederick Wilson sadly passed away in 1995 and it was here in this very part of the Loch, that I scattered his ashes.

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Red Squirrel painting by British Wildlife Artist Eric Wilson, famous for paintings of red deer and stags in the highlands of Scotland.

Squirrel Nutkin -Red Squirrel

  • Acrylic on board

  • 5.75 x 11.75 inches

  • Original Sold

Painting of a stag in Rothiemurches forest. Scotland. Painter of Stags, Eric Wilson.

Painting of a Stag in Rothiemurchus Forest.

Oil on Board.

Original SOLD.

Rothiemurchus Forest is the largest remnant of the Ancient Caledonian forest that once covered the whole of Scotland.

The forest contains important European wildlife, including the osprey, Scottish crossbill, capercaillie, crested tit and wild cat.

Stretching from the River Spey to the high mountain plateau, Rothiemurchus sits within the Cairngorms National Park.


Loch Shiel Scotland. Red Deer stag in the highlands of scotland. Oil painting of stag by wildlife artist Eric Wilson.

Painting of a Stag at Loch Shiel. Scotland.

  • Oil on board.

  • 16 x 24 inches

  • Oil on board

  • Original Sold

painting of a stag in the Scottish Highlands by renowned wildlife painter Eric Wilson. Red Deer picture -red deer painting

Painting of a Stag -Scottish Highlands

  • Oil on canvas

  • 16 x 20 inches

  • Original Available -Buy now

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Only the strong - painting of red deer in Scottish Highlands by master wildlife artist Eric Wilson

Only the Strong

The weather can be a very unpredictable affair in the Highlands of Scotland. It is an environment suited to the hardy. Red deer find themselves vulnerable to the extremes of climate especially in the winter when many will perish from the cold leaving only the strongest to survive. This painting is all about that evolutionary struggle for survival which keeps the herd strong. Here a young buck follows a wise and mature stag to the safety of  the valley below as the harsh weather sets in. He is momentarily illuminated by a shaft of sunlight and in that moment we wonder whether he will have the wisdom and strength to follow in his footsteps.

Painting of a Red Deer Stag from the herd at Lyme Park in Derbyshire, England.

Original paintings of stags. Original British Wildlife Art for sale. Red Deer Paintings, Red squirrel Paintings. All British Wildlife Art on this page is copyright of Wildlife Artist Eric Wilson.

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        Only the Strong

Painting of Stags in Scotland.

  • Red Deer - Scottish Highlands.

  • Oil on Canvas

  • 30 x 20 inches

  • Original Sold

        Prints available:










Painting of a Red Deer Stag

Oil on Canvas.

Original SOLD.