My art can be found on a surprising number of items these days. No longer is it limited to prints, books and magazines.

If you would like to use any of my paintings on your products, please contact me using the contact form of this website. I will be most pleased to hear from you.

The Best Of Wildlife Art. Contains work by wildlife Artist Eric Wilson.
Book about tigers containing section on wildlife artist Eric Wilson.
A guide to painting fur and feathers by North Light Books. Contains work by wildlife Artist Eric Wilson.
Buffalo Games, New York. Eyes of the Wild. Jigsaw Puzzle with the wildlife art of Eric Wilson. - King of Beasts - Lion Portrait.

Buffalo Games, New York have produced this beautiful 500 piece jigsaw from my painting 'King Of Beasts'

Henri Roche - worlds finest pastels have chosen Eric Wilson to produce their 'Africa Collection' a set of 36 hand made pastels.

Henri Roche - The world finest pastels. Have chosen to work with me to produce ther 'Africa Collection. A set of 36 hand crafted pastels.

Kustom Krafts. Cross stitch patterns using the wildlife artwork of artist Eric Wilson.

Cross Stitch Patterns containing my images.

Product available from Kustom Krafts.