Instructional DVD on painting fur in pastel. How to paint realistic fur in Pastel.

I am delighted to announce that the long awaited DVD on how to paint realistic fur in pastel is now ready for release.  This is the 2nd set of DVD's that I have produced and follows the best selling 'Pastel Masterclass' DVD shown below. This is a comprehensive SIX DVD set.

A 'must have' for anyone serious about mastering fur in pastel. In this widescreen format DVD, I will take you through a complete lion painting, covering in detail all the different types of fur. I also cover tiger fur and the painting of a tigers eye. Nothing is left out in this very in depth demonstration of exactly how my pastel paintings are produced.

Prices shown below include shipping.  I can also offer BOTH sets of DVD's, Pastel Masterclass, and Masterclass in Fur together for just £85. To take advantage of this offer, use the drop down menus on the paypal buttons and select both sets.

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Masterclass in Fur

Masterclass in Fur

U.K. Customers £57.50p

U.S.A. Customers $95

Masterclass in Fur

Masterclass in Fur

European Customers 80 Euros.

Australia and Asia Customers.


Pastel Masterclass

Set of five DVD's.

Widescreen format.

In this DVD I take you through a complete painting, ( The one to the right,) from the first stroke to the last. It is a unique insight into how I work.

I am proud to offer this first instructional DVD and believe it will be a valuable aid to anyone wishing to learn how to use pastels effectively.

Over six hours of quality instruction in pastel technique

Pastel Masterclass instructional painting DVD by wildlife artist Eric Wilson offering tuition in the techniques of pastel painting.
Pastel painting of an African Elephant by wildlife artist Eric Wilson

U.K. Customers for pastel masterclass DVD please make payment via paypal to: The price is £52.50 and includes postage/packaging.    

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U.S.A. Customers $90 USD

European Customers 75 EUR                                                                        Australian Customers $105 AUD


I am an 86 year old  pastel pencil artist from Denbigh, a little town in North Wales and I am writing to give you feedback on your DVDs. I have watched a lot of art DVDs and I can honestly say that yours are the best that I have ever seen.
The attention to detail is fantastic and they are worth every penny of the price. As regards to future DVDs I would imagine that fur will be the most popular, and while I would certainly buy that one  my personal preference would be for one  on Portraiture with Winston Churchill as the subject. That would make my day. I am also a great fan of Chopin, the greatest composer for the piano, ever since I heard Jose Irturbi playing the Fantasie Impromptu about 60 years ago. Pastel art and Chopins music are the two great things in my life especialy since I lost my wife four years ago. Im sorry if I am going on a bit but I must end by saying how touched I was with your thoughts on your father. Eric your DVD wasn't just about art . It was a lesson on life and how to live it. It should be compulsory
viewing to all young people. Looking forward to your next one.  All the best.    
David Davies.

Painting DVD

A superb master class in pastel painting! One thing that I felt came over very strongly was Eric's genuine dedication to giving of his best to the work. His attention to detail is second to none and every step is clearly explained in both practical and aesthetic terms. The subject also allows for a very wide range of textures to be demonstrated and each is treated with great care and attention. This is a video workshop to watch again and again and has certainly had a positive effect on my own pastel work.

Gary Regnier

Hope all is well with you. Your video is amazing. It is helping me in great deal.  I would also like to suggest you do complete short videos about realistic fur, eyes, foliage, skies, landscape etc.  I would definitely buy them. Joseph - CANADA

Having watched all 5 DVD's this weekend, I want to thank you so much for such an inspiring insight into the work of a real master of his art.  I feel privileged to have been able to watch your method of painting pastel  from start to finish of your painting. It was extremely helpful to me to be able to watch how you work all the way through to the end of the painting.It is also very helpful to be told about the materials you use - the Clairefontaine Pastelmat is something I will buy to begin with.
Your captions were very helpful and inspiring - I too love Beethoven! The DVD's are a great resource for me as I can refer to them whenever I want. I am so glad that you produced them. Rhoda - U.K.

I started watching the DVD's today. I'm about an hour in, and you're still touching up the sky. Your work has such depth, such detail, such ... life. You give me something to strive for, and the DVD gives me a way to achieve it. Thank you.
Tina. U.S.A                                                           

I'm loving the DVDs!! Still only on the second one but totally inspired, amazing music to accompany them is inspirational in itself as well as your words! Would love a big cat or horse one! :)

Silvana U.K.

Received the DvD's today and have manged to watch the first two.I cant wait to try out some of your methods ! Fantastic to watch and learn this way!

Tim. U.S.A

Hi Eric

The DVD's came today and I have watched them all now although it took all afternoon! An excellent set of DVD's which I thoroughly enjoyed. I like the way it shows the whole process which others never seem to do.

Dave U.K.

I find it amazing  and very instructive. In addition to the lightness of touch amazes me the amount of colors and steps that you do to get what you want, it's really wonderful to see you work.  This morning in the peace and silence I watched the first of 5 dvd, it's wonderful! The construction of the sky and the clouds was excited and I was enchanted to look at your hands, you used many colors and the final effect is amazing.Now I have to look at the other dvd but I will do forever in peace and silence in order to pay the utmost attention. You did an excellent job and your education is complete, I'm sure this DVD will have great success

Tiziana ITALY

I'm watching the dvd of Eric and I'm speechless ... it's a bravura Monster ... see how slowly comes out in every detail the elephant's skin seems to be able to touch, brilliant Eric and a world of thanks for the work you've done is a
wonderful dvd and believe that by dint of watching I especially will learn something .... is since yesterday evening I'm glued in front of them. Thanks Eric ( Translated by google )

Luciana ITALY

I seem to relive those moments where we had honored to have him live! for me this DVD is worth gold! .. Thanks Eric! .. ♥


The DVD's have arrived, I am on the second one and wanted to say I am absolutely delighted with the way you are presenting the material. Can't stay on here got to get back to the DVD! :O)

Mary  U.S.A

The fifth DVD made me cry, there is so much poetry and love in this work of Eric is not only art but is the soul of a man transported in colors and shapes. I had the privilege to know Eric a little more of all of you and it's hard to explain what I try watching him paint and reading what he writes, it is ironic, is a teacher, is a poet and everything should be a true artist and a great man. I will never cease to say I had a great luck.

T. Ceschin

'I just love your entire presentation. You made me realize,  that even the most miniscule step in executing a  painting, is of utmost importance. You are amazing. Such a skill, you paint with your heart. There is so much feeling . All that is also projected upon the viewer. Personally, this is exactly what I needed to work towards becoming a better artist. You gave me the tools to work with. Thank you so much for such great education, its like receiving a most wonderful gift for life'.

Valda. U.S.A