Painting Courses and Demonstrations in mainland Europe.

I am an experienced teacher of fine art. I have spent many years teaching individual students on a one to one basis with pastels oils and acrylics. I have also given numerous talks to art groups and organizations and have given many public demonstrations and art courses both here in England and also overseas in Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and as far away as Thailand. I am happy to travel anywhere in the World to teach, either for private tuition or classes.

Please contact me using the contact form or simply email me: if you would like to discuss this with me, either to organize a course where I would come to teach, or as a student wishing to attend any of my existing courses.

Painting Courses in Switzerland.

In the Spring and Autumn each year, I teach pastel painting in Schöftland, Near Zürich, Switzerland. These classes are held in the Malpinsel studio. A beautiful modern and well equipped studio run by Silvia Maier. The courses are three days long and cover all aspects of pastel painting. It doesn't matter if you have never used pastel before, or if you are already skilled, I help people of all levels and experience.  I have added some pictures below taken during the courses in Switzerland.







If you would like to attend a course in beautiful Switzerland, please contact Silvia @


Painting courses in Holland

My course in Holland take place at the magnificent Victor4Art studios in Heerlen, Holland, near to the German border. These classes are held twice a year and are always a lot of fun. They are organized by Yolanda Coervers Schoenmakers who can be contacted at: These classes are also three days in duration and are suitable for beginners or advanced painters alike.




If you would like to join us on a course in Holland please contact Yolanda @


I also have art instruction on DVD. Click here for details:       DVD how to paint wildlife in pastel.

See also my step by step painting images here:                          Step by Step painting technique

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